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 Post subject: Killing by Physics, Rather than Chemistry
PostPosted: Wed Feb 22, 2012 8:46 am 
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Please don't take this as a sales pitch, but as a spreading of information about some novel pesticides.

(OK. Of course chemistry is involved, but the MOAs are interesting.)

About 2 years ago I got a sample of SucraShield, an OMRI-listed insecticide made from sugar. Instead of being a toxin, per se, it works by dissolving the "skin" of soft-bodied insects and mites, so they desiccate and die, much like a soap, but with zero phytotoxicity. I started carrying it and have sold a bunch, but am now sold out, and the company is having trouble finding an OMRI/USDA approved plant to make more. (Grrrrrrr...)

However, they now have another OMRI-listed insecticide - Oleotrol-I - that uses nanoparticles of vegetable oil to pierce the bugs, again leading to desiccation and death.

You know how, when you put a drop of oil on water, it immediately spreads out into a thin film? That is a natural, physics phenomenon trying to lower the surface energy. The oil nanoparticles, being very strong due to their very large surface-to-volume ratio, pierce the insects and try to "lower the surface energy", tearing them apart. Physics, not chemistry. This is not a "smothering" oil treatment like ultrafine or neem oils.

I have not used it (samples on the way), so will not carry it until it proves itself, but I do have a fungicide/mildewcide sister product, Oleaotrol-M, that uses the same technology, and it is quite effective, so I assume it will be, too. I have sold a lot to local wineries, who battle downy- and powdery mildew all summer.

The best part of these things is the safety - zero REI, zero pre-harvest interval, nontoxic, and usable on any plant out there, including foods, which can be harvested and easten the same day as treatment. I keep a spray bottle of SucraShield solution on my potting bench, and hold the plant bare-handed, soaking every surface, and have never even gotten any irritation.

Then there is "Bugitol", which does kill via chemistry, but again, not through a toxin.

Bugitol is a blend of two food-grade, FDA GRAS oils - essential oil of mustard and capsaicin oleoresins. When mixed with water and sprayed, you are essentially using mustard gas and pepper spray. (I recommend it be used ONLY outdoors, or with a full-face respirator. Great for folks who "summer" their plants outdoors, then bring them in over winter.) The former envelops the plants with a gas (great at reaching thrips) that kills insects, mites, snails, slugs, mice, molds, fungi, even some airborne diseases, and the latter forms a repellent coating on the leaves. As soon as it dissipates (a matter of minutes), the plants are safe to handle, and the same food-crop non-issues apply.

When I first tried it, the president of the company said "it has a strong odor". I've worked in the chemical industry for 32 years, odors don't bother me. Within seconds of starting to spray, (I was in an enclosed greenhouse, remember), my eyes started to tingle, and the mucous membranes of my sinuses kicked into ultra-high-gear.

Stay upwind.

Ray Barkalow, Orchid Iconoclast
Using science & logic to improve orchid growing

 Post subject: Re: Killing by Physics, Rather than Chemistry
PostPosted: Mon Nov 05, 2012 7:29 am 
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very interesting! I Hope it will be commercially available here in Indonesia soon...

Gruesome to think that those poor bugs skins' dissolves after the application of sucrashield but at the same time... its awesome!

 Post subject: Re: Killing by Physics, Rather than Chemistry
PostPosted: Mon Nov 05, 2012 4:57 pm 

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I do like your product, Sucrashield, and it's a shame that it's not available now.
I keep a bottle of Sucrashield mixed at all times. But,... I could not whip the scale until I got the product Distance, which cost an arm and a leg, but it finally got rid of all scale. With the Sucrashield I would think I finally had it whipped and then find another plant with it. It's like they up and moved 5 feet away. Now I think I can keep it down if I see it again, with the Sucrashield.

Experience is that marvelous thing that enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again. -- F. P. Jones

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